Thursday, October 24, 2019

Attributes of Professional Bartender Essay

Bartenders know the difference between art and science. They understand that bartending is a science because in mixing drinks there are rules to follow, standards to obey and procedures to do. It is not just pouring all the drinks together in one glass and then serve it. Bartending is also an art because bartenders make an art form out of their profession. Aside from following the standards, they also use their creativity, imagination and individual way of enhancing the usual preparation of the beverage for the purpose of visual perception, odor detection, and taste stimuli. Professional bartenders possess many skills and characteristics that make them successful. 1. Good personality A bartender must have an ability to interact well with different people. He knows how to show his best asset as a bartender when he is in front of the guest. The totality of the bartender can be seen not only with his physical attributes but also through his words, actions and way of thinking. 2. Sense of humor Bartending is a serious job. This needs focus and presence of mind. But, a good bartender knows how to work properly, yet, laugh that sometimes, cracking jokes is being part of his functions. It is nice to learn that laughing is still the best medicine especially in front of unpredictable guests. 3. Well – groomed A bartender must have good personal hygiene; maintaining oneself healthy, wearing clean clothes and proper attire, keeping hair, teeth and fingernails clean and sanitary. A well – groomed appearance helps bartenders seem more approachable and professional. 4. Physical stamina Bartending is a job that requires long hours standing while preparing, mixing, serving and bussing out soiled glasses behind the bar counter. Sometimes, part of this is lifting heavy boxes and cases of drinks to set up the bar. A bartender must be physically fit and strong enough to do the day-to-day activities in the bar. 5. Basic skills in Math In bartending, the fundamental operations in Mathematics are applied. The skills learned about this in school allow the bartenders to make changes and measure drinks accurately and quickly. It also helps the bartender as well as the managers to realize their profit versus expenses at the end of every operation. 6. Multi – tasking Bars are busy especially peak nights and salary days. The bartender must make sure everything runs smoothly during his shift by learning what and how to do other tasks aside from mixing and preparing drinks. 7. Good memory Bartenders need to remember everything from drink recipes to customers’ names. Even brands of drinks, proof, country of origin, and major ingredients are needed to remember when a bartender presents and serves beverages to guests. 8. Great smile A great smile is a key since bartenders smile a lot. It does not only makes the bartender good looking and presentable, but this helps attract guests, let them feel that they are very welcome and a smile will make the first time guest, a regular guest. Bartenders must be aware of everything around them at all times. They have to know the drink levels of everyone’s beverage, and must see new customers as they approach the bar. A second set of eyes in the back of their heads would be a remarkable evolutionary improvement and in failing that, bartenders need to be constantly alert.

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